Settling your Baby

Parents need to learn strategies to relax their babies before going to sleep. Sleeping and steeling techniques need to be simple and easy to follow. One thing to remember is that babies who are overtired or overstimulated find more difficult to go to sleep.

1. How to recognise when your baby is tired.

Some of the signs are jerky movements, yawning, fits clenching, rubbing eyes-face-ears, back arching, red eyebrows.

2. How to make your baby comfortable.

Many babies have a strong "Jerky" respond to somethings unexpected. Therefore, swaddling your little one will help reducing this reflect for the next three or four months. Then, this becomes less necessary, and many babies then settle well in a sleeping bag.

3. Soothe your little chick

Having settling techniques is important. Some of the effective strategies are: Carrying in a sling, massage, cuddling, bathing, softly talking or singing, turning lights down or walking in the pram.

4. Putting your baby in to bed

Babies sleep better in a calm and relax atmophere with no distractions. Tuck your baby firmly into bed lying back with her/his feet at the end of the bassinet or cot. Use a short sentence or word like "good night" or "off to sleep now". This indicates that is time for a rest and that you are leaving the room. If your baby is crying and unsettled, try:

1.  A “heart beat” pat: a double-handed firm but gentle pat with a cupped hand at the pace of a slow heart beat.

2.  gentle slow body rocking.

When your baby is quiet, put her on her back, leave her and let her go to sleep.

If your baby continue to cry for more than 30 seconds repeat step 4 again.