Safety Wrapping

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Benefits of Safe wrapping

Wrapping is useful method to help babies settle and sleep on their back. Scientific studies have shown that wrapping can have a calming, sleep-promoting effect on young baby. Studies have shown that wrapping can promote more sustained sleep and reduce the frequency of spontaneous awakening. An alternative to wrapping is to use a safe infant sleeping bag.

How to Safely Wrap Your Baby

Place baby off-centre (left or right) with top of wrap level with shoulders. Fold baby’s arm across chest and bring shorter side of wrap across baby’s arm and tuck firmly under baby. Bring larger side of wrap across and tuck under baby. Bring the bottom of the wrap on top of baby. Fold the bottom of the wrap under baby. Always sleep baby on their back with face and head uncovered.

Recommended fabrics for wrapping include a muslim or light cotton sheet or wrap.

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