Baby Sleeping Suits

Australian Designed Baby Sleeping Suits

A good night’s sleep is essential for your baby, and that's why at Babidream, we provide the most adorable baby sleeping suits for your infant. We offer unique sleeping suits so you and the baby can enjoy your night. Our all-in-one sleeping suit style saves you the time of looking for matching tops and pants — making changing and bath time effortless. Like wraps and swaddles, baby sleeping suits are a great way to keep your baby cozy and warm. 


Our baby sleeping suits are made from 100% Pima cotton fabric to keep your baby safer and comfortable throughout the night. The Pima cotton breathable threads that allow your baby body's temperature to REGULATE naturally, helping your little one feel FRESH & HAPPY. 


Love to see your baby sleep with the fishes? Shop now the most aquatic shark sleeping bag for babies, from 0 months up to 2 years, it is the perfect complement for bassinets and carrycots. Similarly, babies like playing with shark toys; they feel good sleeping in super comfy and warm shark bags. These sleeping bags not only offer the best sleeping environment but also act as a pillow. Your baby will feel like it is back in mummy’s tummy as it will be so snug and wrapped up. Its filling makes this sleeping bag ideal for warm temperatures, sleeping indoors or in the carrycot from a pushchair. Our newborn sleeping bag has an inner fastening strap so that your baby is not tempted to go down deeper inside the bag. You can use it in the crib and stroller. 

What's more, sleeping bags offer an utterly safe sleeping environment for your infant because they reduce the use of blankets and sheets. Sheets and blankets can sometimes go over your baby’s bed or even wriggle on their neck. In case your little one requires changing during the night, you only need to unzip the bag to access and change their nappy.

Shark sleeping bags are especially great for sleepovers or camping trips when you don't want your baby's sensitive skin to contact low-quality materials. It is made of cotton, which ensures there is an equal distribution of heat, whether your baby is in the house or outside.

The bag also allows you to quickly and easily fold it; thus, you can go with it wherever you want. According to most mothers, the shark sleeping bag is one of the best gifts you can give your baby.