Baby Singlets

Baby Singlets by Erin

In the same way, you buy fitting and quality clothes for comfort, baby singlets by Erin are a great way to ensure your baby is cozy, whether you're with them or they're alone. Our baby singlets by Erin are stylish and ergonomically designed to build the comfort your baby needs. They are two types of baby singlets, one made from high-quality cotton and the second made from bamboo.

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant; you’re probably so excited right now. You can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy and see how he/she looks. But what about the baby? What of the baby' garments? At Babidream, we offer exceptional baby singlets and other clothes to make your newborn happy and comfortable.

Erin’s baby singlets are multipurpose because they can either be worn solo during high temperatures or under-layer garments during cold or low temperatures. What more, these clothes are unisex; you can shop for your baby even without knowing their gender.

Are you among the many mums who fear washing their baby’s garments because they seem to get old? Worry no more! Our baby singlets come in neutral colours and keep their shape and quality even after several washes. With these newborn garments, you can never go wrong.

Our Baby singlets are also made of superhero fabric that is 100% breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and thermos-regulating. All these offer your baby pure comfort throughout the day; if you’re looking for a perfect gift for one more member in your family, whether male or female, baby singlets are what you need.